3D Graphic construction & plannings

Consulting & Planning & Installation

We consult you about the different possibilities to use our mats for dry slope areas, tubing tracks, ice-karting, freestyle water ramps etc. You choose, we make the concept.


We plan for you the implementation on the specific soil construction and ensure optimal use of the available possibilities. We plan according to your ideas. Planning can also be done with the help of 3D graphic animations.


After the detailed planning, we provide you with all necessary products for the installation of the new leisure construction. On request we carry out this installation worldwide.

skitrax_bansko_dryslope_2.jpg skitrax_dry_slope_resort_aspire_hill_29_1000.jpg skitrax_dry_slope_resort_aspire_hill_31_1000.jpg skitrax_dry_slope_resort_aspire_mountain_41_1000.jpg
schanze_08_02_08_10.jpg skitrax_bansko_dryslope_1.jpg schanze_08_02_07_1.jpg schanze_08_06_07_12.jpg
skitrax_minsk_freestyle_park_15_800.jpg skitrax_installation_3.jpg schanze_08_06_10_6.jpg schanze_08_06_07_17.jpg
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