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New double tubing track - Rapid track in Vilnius (Lithuania)

Skitrax are mats on which can be driven with skis, snowboards or tubing tires, even in summer. Everything is possible: perfect alpine training with slalom poles or slopestyle on various obstacles, tubing tracks used at the same location in both winter and summer. 

When the snow is absent in the ski resorts or at the lift entrances many small stones demolish the ski base or in the steep starting area of big air ramps the snow does not hold or tunnels and crossings in ski resorts for skiers should be passable without snow as well or even tubing tracks and Freestyle water ramps should be used in summer - simply install Skitrax mats - done!

Over 20 years on the market - for years with innovative ideas „Made in Germany“ successfully worldwide operating.

Ariane on the Monster Ramp »»»

Puls TV Team at the Freestyle Water Ramp»»»

New double tubing track »»»

Rapid track in Vilnius (Lithuania)»»»

Inflatable city tubing »»»

Flexible tubing tracks»»»

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