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Dry Slope Skiing & Liftzones Tubing Tracks & Tubtrax Modules & Tubes Freestyle water ramps Ice-Karting



Mats glide like on snow


All year use


Unique TUBTRAX Modul System


Can be used without water or lubricant


Low operation cost


A wide range of use


Different colour availabel


40 years of winter & summer sport experience


Skitrax® World is one of the leading companies in the leisure industry and specializes in products that can be operated in winter and summer, with and without snow.

Skitrax® World is one of the world's leading suppliers of products for various applications for "sliding - carving - lifting - drifting" on snow-like plastic mats.
These includes use for dry slope skiing areas, tubing tracks, freestyle water ramps, ice-karting facilities and the various lift areas of the world‘s ski resorts. We offer a wide range of products for the operation of the leisure facilities with "Made in Germany".

With our new TUBTRAX® Module Tubing Systems, we provide customers with a wide range of installation options for indoor and outdoor operation of popular tubing tracks.
SLIDE LIQUID® is an ecological and economic lubricant developed by us, which significantly reduces friction between plastic mats and tubing tires or ski/snowboards.

With ICE.KARTING© we are currently revolutionising the Kart market. Sliding and drifting on the mats as if on ice, whether indoor or outdoor - a lot of fun is guaranteed.

Our DRY SLOPE DRAIN FLEECE© provides clean ground and a perfect rain water drainage system when installing alpine dry slope skiing areas and tubing tracks.
For environmentally friendly advice on the planning, installation and operation of leisure facilities, we also supply the necessary equipment for complete dry slope skiing areas, water shakes, tubes & curves & straights for tubing tracks. 
Our customers for lift areas are several of the most famous mountain chairlifts in the world (including Kitzbuehel, St. Moritz, Davos, Wilder Kaiser, Rosa Khutor, Oberstdorf, Mt. Hutt etc.) and the operators of the world‘s largest freestyle water ramps ( e.g. Brisbane (AUS), Park City (USA), Minsk (BLR), Jabuli (CHN)). In addition, more than a hundred tubing tracks and dry slope areas around the world. We work with customers and importers in 45 countries around the world.

The future of winter sports is getting drier - make the most of it.
Yours sincerely  
Wolfgang H. P. Schmidt


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