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Skitrax are plastic mats on which can be driven with skis, snowboards, tubing tires or go-karts, even in summer. 

Everything is possible: Perfect alpine skiing on our mats - in summer! Perfect for learning skiing or snowboarding through ski sports schools. Ski clubs look forward to year-round racing training. Slopestyle can ride all year round on various Obstacles. We are happy to give you suggestions for planning.

In addition, there is use in winter for lift entry and exit. Transfer routes to the lifts create guaranteed snow. Our tubing tracks with our Tubtrax system elements can be used in winter as well as in summer in the same place of the tubing truck. Experts can train on exceptional freestyle water ramps in the summer. Finally, slides and drifting can be carried out on our ice-karting mats in summer with fast-paced go-karts. 

As a global leader, we have been offering innovative ideas as well as high-quality products from Germany for more than 20 years. Our high-quality Skitrax mats are "Made in Germany". Furthermore, we supply the necessary equipment for the systems, professional advice and the respective installations on site. 

Much Fun at "Happyland" »»»

Big tubing leisure park in Romania
2019 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH - Double tubing track with conveyor belt in Buduresa (Rumänien)
Children and their parents will enjoy the new Happyland Freizeit Park Budureasa in Romania. A climbing garden has been installed in a forest on several thousand square meters. Two tubing… »»»

It works without mats »»»

Much fun with tubes on snow too
2019 © Skitrax World - ODCC GmbH
Who would have thought so? Our tubes are also perfect for tubing on snow. With different sizes and colors, we offer tubing tires for use in snow and on plastic… »»»

Double Tubing Track Open »»»

Successful operation in Litauen
2019 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH - 4 times Tubing Bahn at Vilnus (Lithauen)
Since summer 2018, 4 tubing tracks with Skitrax mats have been operated in parallel in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius in the Liepkalnis Park. The double-tubing track, installed a year ago, was no… »»»

First Ice-Karting Bahn in Mexico »»»

Imagic Park is open
2019 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
On the 3rd floor of the large shopping mall "Lomas Mall" in the Santa Fe district of Mexico City, the new "Imagic Park" was finally opened in November 2018 after… »»»

Christmas Tubing in Augsburg »»»

Furious tubing family track
2018 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH - Augsburg - Weihnachten - Tubing / Rodeln
It is the ninth edition of "Winterland" in Augsburg (GER). As always, the event will take place in front of the City Gallery. There are also numerous huts with great food… »»»

New start gate for Tubing Tracks »»»

70m long track in Mönichkirchen
2018 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH -  Tubing track in Mönichkirchen (Austria)
A new 70m long tubing railway was opened in Mönichkirchen (Austria) over Pentecost. The track was created in cooperation with MND (Innsbruck). MND provided in addition a new, modern conveyor… »»»

Breaking news »»»

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