Dry slope skiing

 Quick installation of the mats

 Dirty free drainage fleece 

 Use without water or lubricant

 Low cost for operation

 Flexible use for alpine & XC

 Different colours available

 40 years experience in sports  

Skiing or snowboarding during summer in the city is cool, trendy, uncomplicated and reasonable.

Whether slopestyle parks or “normal” slopes, everyone can take off straight away with ski or snowboard. A spot with a gentle slope or even/undulated terrain is sufficient to mount a “summer ski region” for anybody, fast and easy. Dry slope parks are perfect for winter and summer. The ski sport area can be fitted according to size and use requirements. The use is facilitated during summer and winter. The soil surface can individually be grass, sand, wood or cement.

Very gentle for beginners or undulated for mogul slope or even with jumps and obstacle for a fun park. With Skitrax the terrain easily is converted into an attractive ski sport area. International customers have been using these facilities for many years.

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Largest dry slope area in Eastern Europe »»»


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