Double Tubing Track Open

Successful operation in Litauen

2019 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH - 4 times Tubing Bahn at Vilnus (Lithauen)
Since summer 2018, 4 tubing tracks with Skitrax mats have been operated in parallel in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius in the Liepkalnis Park. The double-tubing track, installed a year ago, was no longer up to the onslaught of many visitors.

So an identical track was built next to it in the summer. A modern conveyor belt creates several hundred people per hour at the start of the approximately 100m long tubing tracks.

Below, three videos give a great impression of the unique leisure facility.  

Much Fun at "Happyland" »»»

Big tubing leisure park in Romania
2019 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH - Double tubing track with conveyor belt in Buduresa (Rumänien)
Children and their parents will enjoy the new Happyland Freizeit Park Budureasa in Romania. A climbing garden has been installed in a forest on several… »»»

It works without mats »»»

Much fun with tubes on snow too
2019 © Skitrax World - ODCC GmbH
Who would have thought so? Our tubes are also perfect for tubing on snow. With different sizes and colors, we offer tubing tires for use… »»»

Double Tubing Track Open »»»

Successful operation in Litauen
2019 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH - 4 times Tubing Bahn at Vilnus (Lithauen)
Since summer 2018, 4 tubing tracks with Skitrax mats have been operated in parallel in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius in the Liepkalnis Park. The double-tubing track, installed… »»»

Christmas Tubing in Augsburg »»»

Furious tubing family track
2018 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH - Augsburg - Weihnachten - Tubing / Rodeln
It is the ninth edition of "Winterland" in Augsburg (GER). As always, the event will take place in front of the City Gallery. There are… »»»

New start gate for Tubing Tracks »»»

80m long track in Mönichkirchen
2018 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH -  Tubing track in Mönichkirchen (Austria)
A new 80m long tubing railway was opened in Mönichkirchen (Austria) over Pentecost. The track was created in cooperation with MND (Innsbruck). MND provided in… »»»

Great honour for Skitrax in India »»»

Meeting with Chief of Minister
2018 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
One week before the start of the Fair IAAPI (27.02-01.03.2018) in the Indian 20 million people city of Mumbai, met to prepare the fair of… »»»

Indian ski schools in motion »»»

Development of new structures
2018 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH - from left side -  Meer Waquiruddin Khaleeq (Sports Infra Solutions) - Wolfgang Schmidt (Skitrax World) - Roshan Lal Thakur (FIS India)
At the IAAPI trade fair in Mumbai we were able to welcome important customers not only at the exhibition stand. Also in the evening we… »»»

New Sport Park Brasov »»»

Fast-paced tubing track & more
2018 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
In the spring of 2018, a particularly attractive Skitrax tubing track will be opened near the famouse  Romanian ski resort of Brasov. Designed with 3… »»»

IAAPI Fair at Mumbai »»»

Big demand for Skitrax
2018 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
At the end of February 2018, Skitrax World, together with its Indian cooperation partner "Sportssolution", presented the Skitrax "Dry Slope Technologies" and their applications at… »»»

X-Mas Tubing in Porto »»»

Double tubing track thrilles everybody
2017 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH - Porto - Doppel Tubing Bahn
Finally winter in Porto (Portugal). With the double tubing track of white Skitrax mats, a touch of winter sports comes to the Portuguese city. Two… »»»

Colourfull Skitrax mats »»»

Various options for combination
2017 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH - Various options for colour combination
Beside our classic colours e.g. white, red, green, we are offering further colours e.g. black, orange, blue. Depending on your wishes, we also fulfill special… »»»

New double tubing track »»»

Rapid track in Vilnius (Lithuania)
2017 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH - Vilnus - Double Tubing Track
New double tubing track opened in Vilnus (Lithuania). Two double lanes bring the tuber fast to the finish. Due to the wave construction, the track… »»»

Inflatable city tubing »»»

Flexible tubing tracks
2017 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
Usually a tubing track is installed on our metal straight line or on a wood construction. As more and more cities ask for temporary entertainment… »»»

Tubing Track in Riga »»»

Indoor Tubing very popular
2017 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
In Riga (Latvia) a „night tubing track“ was built in an Indoor playground named “Citykids”. The track is covered with fluorescent light and brings maximum… »»»

Jumping into an air bag »»»

Tubing extented
2017 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
With or without snow - in the Slovenian city of Bled you can slide down a freestyle tubing ramp with special tubes and jump into… »»»

New Tubing track for Iran »»»

Several rows track down in Heyran
2017 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
Being one of the first producers in the west, Skitrax delivers the first tubing track to Iran. The ski resort Heyran is located close to… »»»

Mega Indoor Skidoom »»»

Tubing track in Harbin (China)
2017 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
In the Chinese town of Harbin (Province of Heilongyang) one of the biggest indoor skiing halls will open its doors in early 2017. The total… »»»

New fun with tubing in Portugal »»»

Much fun for X-Mas
2016 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH - Aktiv Sport
In the "Aktiv Sport" recreational park in the Portuguese town of Vila Nova de Famalicão, a great tubing track has been set up, where the… »»»

City Tubing in Antalya »»»

With different rows straight down
2016 © ODCC GmbH - Skitrax World - Tubing track in Antalya (Turkey)
A new, outstanding tubing track has been installed at the port city Antalya (Turkey). The 40m long run down has several rows, so that many… »»»

New tubing track in France »»»

Thrilling downhill track in blue
2016 © ODCC GmbH - Skitrax World - Park Les Campaines tubing track
There is a new attraction in the "Les Campaines" park in the province of Acollans - a blue tubing track with Skitrax tubes. The approx.… »»»

New tubing track in Russia »»»

Big leisure park near moscow
2016 © Skitrax World - 4 news tubing tracks are open near Moscow (RUS)
One of the most successful theme parks in Russia opens on 11 July 2016 with one of the largest tubing tracks in the world. An artificial hill… »»»

New tubing tracks in Spain »»»

Winter world under the sun
2016 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
New tubing tracks with several rows are beeing built in the Spanish cities Gijon, Murcia and Malaga. These new attractions in three cities are very… »»»

Tubing track in Planica »»»

Fun on the biggest ski jump ramp in the world
2016 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
In March 2016 the largest ski jump ramp in the world in Planica (Slovenia) will be completely covered with snow to be ready for the… »»»

New tubing track at La Clusaz »»»

For operation in winter & summer
2015 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
The tubing track in Jean de Sixt (near La Clusaz) will start its summer use in the end of June. In autumn 2014, the about… »»»

Indoor tubing track in Estland »»»

New attraction park for kids
2015 © Skitrax World - ODCC GmbH -
In Tartu, der second biggest city of Estland, a estimate 1200qm huge leisure park for kids has been opened. One of the big attractions are a… »»»

"Base de Pop" in Guiche open »»»

New water ramp in France
2014 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
Another new water jump opened in Guiche (south France) at the Atlantic coast in June 2014. 13 spectacular jumps are there to fill the visitors… »»»

"Indian Forest" resort open »»»

13 kicker water ramp in France
2014 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
On 12 April the construction works at the new freestyle & spare time water ramp "Indian Forest" in Moutiers at the Atlantic coast were completed.… »»»

Tubing Bahn & Tubing Track »»»

Wood construction & installation
2014 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH

"Freefall" tubing in USA »»»

Tubing all year round
2014 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH - Stevens Point
Here all year round tubing is possible. On a kind of "free fall" tubing is operating with a special toboggan on a 40% down steep… »»»

Winter and summer use »»»

Surfaces for liftzones & tubing & dry slope
2013 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
The renowned Bansko ski resort in Bulgaria has cleverly shopped. In summer, the mats for the largest dry slope in Eastern Europe to be established.… »»»
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