Ice-karting with Karts - drift & slide like on ice

 Fast installation of the mats

 Sliding like on ice

 Professionel slide & drift

 Low costs for operation

 Flexible use Indoor & Outdoor

 Different colours available

 Attraction for shopping malls

 40 years experience in sports

The Innovation for outdoor and indoor use: slide & drift with Karts all year.

Driving with Karts is something very special and it´s fun for the whole family. Motor sports is famous throughout the world. Sliding and drifting is added with the new Skitrax ICE-KARTING surface. Can be used with gasoline or electric Karts. With eco-friendly electric Karts you can use it indoor, e.g. event halls, shopping malls, etc. Perfect for sportive entertainment in cities, at beaches or in skiing areas for summer use. New installations in Mexico, India and Qatar are just start operations.

Fix the Skitrax tiles together, lay the tiles on the soil (cement, grass, marmor etc.), install the safe border equipment - and the fun starts! If nessesary, you can dismantle it within hours - and everything is clean.

If you need a special fleece to cover the soil for stones, grass or sand, use our special developed "Dry Slope Drain Fleece" (DSDF)

On request we deliver with  gasoline karts or e-karts, support station circuit with safety constraints, re-power station, floodlights etc.

First Ice-Karting Bahn in Mexico »»»

Ice-karting also in Mexico City »»»

Ice-Karting in the city of Puebla »»»

Ice-Karting in Merida »»»

Ice-karting in summer »»»

Ice karting - Summer Indoor & Outdoor »»»

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Video: Ice Karting
Slide & Drift with E-Karts

Ice-Karting - auch im Sommer
Sliden & Driften auf Kart Bahnen

Die neu entwickelten Skitrax…
2015 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH Ice-karting in summer
Slide & Drifte at Kart tracks

The newly developed Skitrax…
2015 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH