Freestyle water ramp

Quick installation of the mats

 Usable on all constructions

 Usable without water

 Low costs for operation

 Mega ramps with 15 kicker

 Biggest ramps worldwide

 Different colours usuable

 40 years experiences in sports


Whether on small lakes or cities, installed freestyle water ramps are the big hit.

Since Slopestyle Ski (Halfpipe) and Slopestyle Snowboard (Halfpipe) are a new disciplines for the olympic games 2014 in Sochi, millions of kids around the world are doing this disciplines in every ski resort. The Freestyle water ramp gives this athlets the possibility to pratice in summer and to try out new jumps, turns - secure and safe - and jump into a lake or water basin.

A lot of water ramps are constructed for areal, slopestyle Ski & Snowboard and Freestyler around the world. The athlets are enthusiastic about the ramps and the feeling with our Skitrax tiles (e.g.  
Oberaudorf (GER), Thuner Lake (CH), Yabuli (CHN), Jyväskylä (FIN), Minsk (BLR), Park city (USA), Brisbane (AUS) and a couple more in Europe,  Asia and America. 

Mega water ramp in Brisbane (AUS) »»»

New freestyle ramp in Vorarlberg »»»

Ceilje (SLO) with new water ramp »»»

Ariane on the Monster Ramp »»»

Mega Indoor Skidoom in Harbin »»»

Mega Freestyle Water Ramps »»»

Largest water ramp in the world »»»

First Indoor water ramp in Minsk »»»

Water ramp at San Bernadino Pass »»»

"Base de Pop" in Guiche open »»»

"Indian Forest" resort open »»»

Riden & Sliden am Luegsteinsee »»»

Austrian Skicross Team on air »»»

Air bag jumping more popular »»»

US Freestyle Team in Park City »»»

Downhill with "Zipfelbob" »»»

Free of charge jumping »»»

Lake Jump - Lake Thun (CH) »»»

"Lake Jump" at Lake Thun (CH) »»»

Freestyle ramp "OPEN DAY" »»»

Freestyle Ramp Oberaudorf »»»

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Freestyle water ramp - Spring feelings
Luegstein lake, Oberaudorf (GER)

Video: "Indian Forest" - water ramp park
All you want to do with water

Video: Minsk Freestyle water ramp
Largest indoor ramp worldwide

Freestyle spectacle in Zürich
Skitrax surface at the start

"Base de pop" water sliding park
Bike & Ski & Snowboard

What a big fun… Base de pop - Wasser Park
Bike & Ski & Snowboard

Was für ein Spaß…
2016 - Skitrax World - Base de Pop - Frankreich, Freestyle Wasserschanze Video II: "Indian Forest" - water ramp
TV report about the resort

Video: "Base de pop" - ride & slide II.
Bike & Ski & Snowboard

Video: "Base de pop" - ride & slide I.
Bike & Ski & Snowboard

Video: "Indian Forest" - 13 kicker water ramp
First jumps from the ramps

Video: "Indian Forest" - ride & slide
Bike & Ski & Snowboard & Feet

Video: "Indian Forest" - gopro sliding
Bike & Ski & Snowboard & Feet

Water ramp - Inspiration
Water ramp Oberaudorf (GER)

Drone above a water jump
Special boader event in Oberaudorf

Water ramp - Inspiration
Water ramp jump Oberaudorf (GER)

Jyväskylä freestyle water ramp
Finland on the water ramp

Summer slopestyle park
Snowboard riding on obstacles

Holiday on Skitrax
Water ramping

Freestyle Water ramp Germany
Skitrax surface since 5 years

Mettmenstetten Switzerland
Freestyle night

German Skicross National Team
Freestyle water ramp

Freestyle water ramp Oberaudorf
Fun with the run

Water ramp in Québec
Canadian training center

Freestyle water ramp Lake Placid
US Team on the ramp

Park City water ramp
Best conditions for freestyler

Jyväskylä Freestyle Water Ramp 2011
Water Ramp Championships

Live WebCam at Luegstone lake
Oberaudorf - Germany

Double cork on water ramp
Scherlin on air

Thuner Lake 2012 - Video
Hilferfinger beach - June 2012

Suburban summer rail video
Hocheck Oberaudorf