Great honour for Skitrax in India

Meeting with Chief of Minister

2018 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
One week before the start of the Fair IAAPI (27.02-01.03.2018) in the Indian 20 million people city of Mumbai, met to prepare the fair of the Indian Skitrax importer, Meer Waquiruddin Khaleeq, Managing Director of "Sports Infra Solutions", with Wolfgang Schmidt ( Managing Director of Skitrax World) in Bangalore. With 8.4 million people, the third largest city in India to New Delhi and Mumbai and a bubbling source of innovative companies and creatives. In addition to the intensive planning for the first Indian dry slope area near the town of Coorg (State of Karnataka), we received a high award in another Indian state. 

Two days before the fair starts, we flew a 2-hour flight to the 4th million people city of Vishakhapatnam, one of the economic centres of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh (about 49 million inhabitants). An India-wide investor Congress was held there. Important investors from all over India had travelled and informed themselves about the new opportunities to invest in innovation. In this context, companies that were chosen by the state of Andhra Pradesh were also awarded a plot of land over 7 hectares from the surrounding region to make investments for new, interesting projects. An essential component of the commitments is the creation of at least 80 new jobs. 

Among the 30 candidates for this state support, "Sports Infra Solutions" emerged as the winner with the complex construction of a Skitrax dry slope resort. As part of a ceremony, Meer Waquiruddin Khaleeq and Wolfgang Schmidt were presented with a certificate from the Chief of Minister of the state of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu and his Tourism Minister, Ms. Bhuma Akhila Priya. Dozens of photographers and press representatives made sure that this report was immediately published to all newspapers in India.

The planning for the realisation of the mat ski area with tubing railways and other leisure activities is now running at full speed.

Great honour for Skitrax in India »»»

Meeting with Chief of Minister
2018 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
One week before the start of the Fair IAAPI (27.02-01.03.2018) in the Indian 20 million people city of Mumbai, met to prepare the fair of… »»»

Indian ski schools in motion »»»

Development of new structures
2018 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH - from left side -  Meer Waquiruddin Khaleeq (Sports Infra Solutions) - Wolfgang Schmidt (Skitrax World) - Roshan Lal Thakur (FIS India)
At the IAAPI trade fair in Mumbai we were able to welcome important customers not only at the exhibition stand. Also in the evening we… »»»

IAAPI Fair at Mumbai »»»

Big demand for Skitrax
2018 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
At the end of February 2018, Skitrax World, together with its Indian cooperation partner "Sportssolution", presented the Skitrax "Dry Slope Technologies" and their applications at… »»»

Colourfull Skitrax mats »»»

Various options for combination
2017 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH - Various options for colour combination
Beside our classic colours e.g. white, red, green, we are offering further colours e.g. black, orange, blue. Depending on your wishes, we also fulfill special… »»»

New dry slope in Bremen »»»

Opening planed for autumn
2014 © Logo city of Bremen
Near the German city Bremen is a new dry slope area with Skitrax surface in installation. The opening is planned for fall 2014. The Hanseatic… »»»

Winter and summer use »»»

Surfaces for liftzones & tubing & dry slope
2013 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
The renowned Bansko ski resort in Bulgaria has cleverly shopped. In summer, the mats for the largest dry slope in Eastern Europe to be established.… »»»

Bansko dry slope area is open »»»

Skiing & Tubing & Football & Fun
2013 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
Since early July, the largest Eastern European dry slope area in Bankso ski resort (BUL) is open. Ski schools starts with teaching beginners and advanced… »»»

City events on the rise »»»

Synthetic snow surface support the joy of winter sports
2013 © Skitrax -
It has changed a lot during the last years. Worldwide the inquiry for „Skiing & Snowboarding & Tubing” grows rapidly. Just in the countries always… »»»

Freestyle show in Sofia »»»

Slopestyle in the city
2012 ©
A unique winter festival "Skiing in the city" took place in Sofia (BUL) beginning of December 2012. The Event was organized by the Bulgarian Ski Federation… »»»

Largest dry slope area in Eastern Europe »»»

Skiing & tubing in Bansko
2012 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
The largest summer dry slope area in Eastern Europe will be build up in Spring 2013 in Bansko (BUL). The skiing area of Bansko is… »»»

Largest dry slope area in Eastern Europe »»»

Skiing & tubing in Bansko
2012 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
In September 2012, the biggest summer dry slope area in Eastern Europe was built in Bansko, Bulgaria. The skiing area of Bansko is located in… »»»


Ски & тръби Банско
2012 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
През септември 2012 в Банско беше завършена най-голямата Dry Slope зона в Източна Европа. Тя е изградена на Бъндеришка поляна, горната спирка на кабинковия лифт.… »»»

City slopestyle is running now »»»

News: POP THIS Tour 2012
2012 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
K2 Snowboard offers in this season again her new collection from September until April on glaciers, in cities, at fairs and local events. Each show is a contest. Whoever jumps… »»»

Water ramp German Masters »»»

With double cork to win
Johannes Drexl won the first German Freestyle German Championchips 2011 on the water ramp in Oberaudorf (GER). With a nice Double Cork catched he the win… »»»
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