Lift entrance & exit & transfer zones

 Fast installation

 No dirt at the lift zones

 Low abraison

 Low operation cost

 Flexible using 

 Different colours usable

 40 Jahre sport expierences

The best known winter sport resorts around the world have been using the Skitrax mats at their T-bar lifts or chairlifts entrances and exits for decades.

By installing the fast gliding Skitrax mats, less snow and work is required in this service intensive area. Small stones, cigarettes, chewing gum, broken glass looses itself between the gaps, thereby it does not cause any damage to the skis or snowboard. 

As a result of high UV-resistance of these mats they can remain laid out for the entire year.

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Colored Skitrax have proven
Kitzbüheler mountain company satisfied

Einstieg & Ausstieg Sesselliften
Uploading & onloading zones