Lubricant: Skitrax "Slide Liquid"

Basicaly you can uses our tubing track and dry slopes without water or any lubricant. This is very importaint for Indoor use. 

However, after a long research with a corresponding development time we succeeded to produce an environmentally friendly slide lubricant for tubing lifts, ski resort and water jumps etc.

We give special attention to and focus on following points: 

Silicone free - Biodegradable - Water repellent - Eco-friendly

It can be used indoors as well, because the fluid is „non-flammable“. Just apply it on the launch area on a fleece carpet, so that each tuber or skier with his sports equipment has to walk over it - and the slide liquid will spread out on the mats. The lubricant does not need to be labeled according to the current CLP regualtion and it is not water-hazardous.
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