Mega water ramp in Brisbane (AUS)

Sleeman Center with biggest venue

2019 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
It is extraordinary to build the largest freestyle water ramp in the world with an investiment of 4 Mio. Euro in Brisbane (Australia). The renowned Australian construction company Buildcorp, chose the globally proven Skitrax mats for the skiing run. Contracting authority is the Australian Olympic Committee.

For insiders, the Australian location is more comprehensible, as a large number of freestylers in the disciplines, moguls, aerial, slopestyle, big air and halfpipe come from Australia and New Zealand. Many nations (including China, Japan) will know how to use this hill. 
Primar, however, is supposed to serve as  a year.round training ground for the Australian athletes. In conjunction with the winter and summer training bases Mt. Buller (Province of Victoria) and Perisher (New South Wales), the new facility can be trained all year round due to the mild climate in Brisbane. A second freestyle water ramp of this dimension is only available as a Mega Indoor Hall in Minsk (Belarus).

With 6 different ski jumps and over 1200 sqm of Skitrax mats area, it towers over the hills in Park City (USA) and Minsk (BLR). These two systems are also designed with Skitrax mats.

The opening is scheduled for autumn 2019.
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Mega water ramp in Brisbane (AUS) »»»

Sleeman Center with biggest venue
2019 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
It is extraordinary to build the largest freestyle water ramp in the world with an investiment of 4 Mio. Euro in Brisbane (Australia). The renowned… »»»

New freestyle ramp in Vorarlberg »»»

Freestyle ramp at Hohenems is open
2019 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH - Hohenems Freestyle Wasserschanze - Head of the ramp : Hans Krojer ( left)
After the freestyler / slopestyler of the Vorarlberg Ski Association (Austria) have always had to go to Area 47 (Ötztal) or to the WSV Oberaudorf (Luegsteinsee) to the respective… »»»

Ceilje (SLO) with new water ramp »»»

Training center for Freestyler
2019 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
In the Slovenian city of Ceilje, the opening jumping of the new Freestyle Water Hill will be held on 27 June 2019. 3 jump tracks… »»»

Ariane on the Monster Ramp »»»

Puls TV team on the ramp
2017 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH - Puls TV Team at the Oberaudorf (Germany) Freestyle Water ramp
The TV team of the PULS TV team of the Bavarian Television, was back at the Freestyle Wasserschanze in Oberaudorf in early July. There, Ariane,… »»»

Mega Indoor Skidoom in Harbin »»»

Freestyler jumping from the roof
2017 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
In the Chinese town of Harbin (Province of Heilongyang) one of the biggest indoor skiing halls will open its doors in early 2017. The total… »»»

Mega Freestyle Water Ramps »»»

Park City & Minsk leading
2017 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
15.04.2017 -  Oberaudorf -  The largest freestyle water ramp in the world in Park City (USA) was completely rebuilt and reopened last summer. This expensive… »»»

Largest water ramp in the world »»»

7 new big air ramps at Park City
2015 Skitrax World - Utah olympic legacy
With a total cost of $ 3 million, the largest freestyle water ramp in the world in Park City (Utah, USA) will be completely novated.… »»»

First Indoor water ramp in Minsk »»»

Freestyle opera is open
2015 Skitrax World - Vertical Technik AG - Minsk - worldwide first Freestyle Indoor Water Ramp Foto: Mac Bohonnon
The first plans for the first indoor freestyle water ski jump park in Minsk (Belarus) is already a few years behind. President Aljaksandr Lukaschenka has… »»»

Water ramp at San Bernadino Pass »»»

Spectacle for everyone
2014 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH - San Bernadino Wasser sliding Event 2014
Thousands of cars drive over the San Bernadino pass daily. On 23-24.08.2014 it is worth stopping in the town of San Bernadino because action is… »»»

"Base de Pop" in Guiche open »»»

New water ramp in France
2014 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
Another new water jump opened in Guiche (south France) at the Atlantic coast in June 2014. 13 spectacular jumps are there to fill the visitors… »»»

"Indian Forest" resort open »»»

13 kicker water ramp in France
2014 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
On 12 April the construction works at the new freestyle & spare time water ramp "Indian Forest" in Moutiers at the Atlantic coast were completed.… »»»

Riden & Sliden am Luegsteinsee »»»

Sommerfest mit Skitrax
2013 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
Am vergangenen Wochenende fanden über 100 Gäste ihren Weg an den Luegsteinsee, um mit elooa zu feiern und einen actionreichen Tag am See zu verbringen. Für alle… »»»

Austrian Skicross Team on air »»»

Training on the water ramp
2012 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
The successful Austrian ski cross team with the new head coach Hauni Haunholder, gave the honor, to practice on 9th August 2013, in the afternoon… »»»

Air bag jumping more popular »»»

Perfect surface for the track
2012 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
Air bag jumping is a perfect solution for freestyle training in the cities or areas where no snow or a lake for a water ski ramp is available. A kicker for flexible use in winter and summer is quickly constructed from wood.… »»»

US Freestyle Team in Park City »»»

Professional freestyle camps
2012 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
The U.S. Freestyle Team utilized one of their final water camps in Park City before the 2013 FIS Freestyle World Cup season to engage high… »»»

Downhill with "Zipfelbob" »»»

Multifunctional application
2012 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
"It´s phantastic," cried a group of enthusiastic “Zipfelbob” and "Butt glider" drivers. They used the first time the water jump freestyle Oberaudorf (GER) with their… »»»

Free of charge jumping »»»

"Open day freestyle"
2012 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
What makes a Skikoholic in the summer? Waiting for the next snow? He would never hold out! And by the way - the competition never… »»»

Lake Jump - Lake Thun (CH) »»»

23/24.06.2012 Water ramp event
2012 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
Agenda und Info's   Strandbad Hünegg, Hilterfingen am Thunersee Datum: Samstag 23. Juni 2012 / Sonntag 24. Juni 2012   Teilnehmer die das 18. Altersjahr… »»»

"Lake Jump" at Lake Thun (CH) »»»

23-24.6.2012 - Jump Contest
2011 © Lake Jump
On the beach Huenegg, located at Hilterfingen - Lake Thun (Switzerland) will be again on weekend 23-24.06.2012 the extraordinary "Lake Jump" water ramp contest.  Freestyler,… »»»

Freestyle ramp "OPEN DAY" »»»

Water ramp open for everybody
2012 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
On Sunday, 2012-6-10, the Germany ski club WSV Oberaudorf celebrate an "Open day" for free for all interested Freestyler / Slopestyle on the exiting VIKING… »»»

Freestyle Ramp Oberaudorf »»»

Open: May until October 2012
2012 © Skitrax - ODCC GmbH
The freestyle water ramp in Oberaudorf (Bavaria - Germany) will start the season up to May 2012. Beginners and professional freestyler or slopestyler are invited… »»»
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Mega water ramp in Brisbane (AUS)
Sleeman Center with biggest venue
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