Made in Germany - Made in Bavaria - Mission for green skiing
Skitrax stands for:
Competence with recreational time solutions and we take responsibility with environmental protection and use of natural resources. 
Efficient climate control through energy neutral artificial skiing regions.
Our offices are supplied with environmental friendly power sources.
Construction of artificial skiing regions and water ramps on the basis of latest ecological knowledge. 
Raw material for environmentally correct recycling.
Efficient climate control through energy neutral artificial skiing regions. 
Use of natural wood for floor and curves of our tubing systems with optical field design in harmony with nature and technique. 
High quality ISO standard production in Germany.  
Wolfgang H. P. Schmidt - CEO & President - Skitrax World - ODCC GmbH

Wolfgang H. P. Schmidt

CEO - Owner
Skitrax World - ODCC GmbH

- University degree in economics
- Sports Instructor
- Professional Ski instructor (ISIA)
- Professional Ski instructor (IVSI)
- Trainer alpin skiing
- Former member of the teaching team for ski instructors

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Made in Germany

Green Skiing




Usable all season

Environmentally friendly