Ski jumping hill outrun

Quick installation of the mats

 Stopping like on snow

 Save installation on the soil

 Use without water

 Low operation costs

 Works on small ramps as well

 40 years sports expierences

This new development brings a new drive and hight security into summer ski jumping. 

World premiere of Skitrax Jump mats in Jämsänkoski (FIN) in June 2011. During this summer, these novel mats will be used for international jumping hills events. Skijumpers, trainers and official members are excited about the outstanding material - “it´s like on snow”. Throughout Europe, many of the large and small ski jump carriers are looking forward for summer use.

High safety for ski jumpers because you slide like on snow in winter on the outrun area. Low risk of falling, because of the feeling of skiing on snow. Same movement as in winter on snow. 

The FIS (International Ski Federation) and his SUB-Committee for jumping hills has approved and certified these mats for all summer jumping hills. 


Word Premiere - Skitrax JP »»»

Perfect outrun for jumping hills
For the first time in the history of a ski jump, the newly developed plastic mats Skitrax JP was used successfully by junior jumpers from Finland,… »»»
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Ski Jumping Hills Outrun
FIS approved for all hills