Slopestyle summer park

"Pure Action” during summer! A single fun park with obstacles can be mounted on a small surface.

Easy use in connection with a small drag lift or conveyor belt (also called magic carpet). The terrain usually is with movable drag lifts as well. This insider spot is certainly visited daily. 
The new Olympic disciplines slopestyle ski and slopestyle snowboard are already the central feature of attraction in almost every ski region throughout the world. Now slopestyle starts to take over during summer in the cities.

The large K2 Snowboard POP THIS promotion in 12 countries throughout Europe and in over 100 cities with thousands of participants has shown the large interest of the youth to “rail here and everywhere”. The largest dry slope area in eastern europe will open again in Bansko (BUL) this year. - Zuerich - 2013 »»»

Winter and summer use »»»

Bansko dry slope area is open »»»

City events on the rise »»»

Freestyle show in Sofia »»»

Largest dry slope area in Eastern Europe »»»

Air bag jumping more popular »»»

Freestyle изложение в София »»»

Freestyle spectacle in Zürich »»»

Free of charge jumping »»»

Lake Jump - Lake Thun (CH) »»»

Ski resort with summer rail »»»

"Lake Jump" at Lake Thun (CH) »»»

Freestyle ramp "OPEN DAY" »»»

City slopestyle is running now »»»

Water ramp German Masters »»»

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Freestyle spectacle in Zürich
Skitrax surface at the start

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Summer slopestyle park
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Summer dry slope skiing
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Hocheck Oberaudorf

Sommer rail Oberaudorf
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Pop This Tour - Freeport 2012
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Pop This Tour - Espinho (POR)
Slopestyle in the city

Pop This Tour - Zürich
Funny and rainy day

Pop This Tour - Wien / Vienna
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Dry Slope area in netherlands
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