Dry Slope skiing on freestyle parks

Skitrax tiles give the best hold for snow preparation - wheater with flooring (asphalt, wood etc.) or  without snow.

Nearly every ski region has a fun park. The demand for obstacles is rising continuously and the terrain or the inrun of the ramps are getting steeper. On steep areas, like the start for big air ramps with more than 40o gradient, the mats are laid out next to the obstacles (i.e. S-curves, banks, pipes) or in halfpipes - the snow has an improved grip. Should it get too warm, the facility can be run without snow.

Freestyle.ch - Zuerich - 2013 »»»

Winter and summer use »»»

Bansko dry slope area is open »»»

City events on the rise »»»

Freestyle show in Sofia »»»

Largest dry slope area in Eastern Europe »»»

Air bag jumping more popular »»»

Freestyle изложение в София »»»

Freestyle spectacle in Zürich »»»

Free of charge jumping »»»

Lake Jump - Lake Thun (CH) »»»

Ski resort with summer rail »»»

"Lake Jump" at Lake Thun (CH) »»»

Freestyle ramp "OPEN DAY" »»»

City slopestyle is running now »»»

Water ramp German Masters »»»

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Freestyle spectacle in Zürich
Skitrax surface at the start

Air & Style Innsbruck 2013
Skitrax on start

More than 7000 People…
Air & Style Innsbruck 2012
Start area with Skitrax

WC SB Big Air Stuttgart (GER)
More than 40 degree gradient

WC SB Big Air Stuttgart (GER)
Start area with Skitrax