Flexible PLUG IN/OUT System

Easy interlocking units for a faster use (PIOS).

Easy disconnection for a fast disassemble.

With extra holes, the mats can be laid out quickly and cleanly on the ground.

In warm weather conditions, plastic will expand and in cold condition it shrinks. Therefore we installed 2-3mm space in the plug-in system.  No undulating dry slope will occur.


UV Light Stabilisation

Light stabiliser and titanium pigments reflect the heat, assist in UV irradiation absorption and provide durability against wear & tear.

Any colour can be manufactured, however, white provides the highest UV resistance. 

UV stability has been proven and tested over many years in different ski resorts world wide.

Asynchronous Twin Pin System

The proven and tested 2 pin system „ASYNCHRONOUS TWIN PIN SYSTEM“ (ATPS) guarantees a fast glide. 

Different pin height results in low friction artificial ski surface on clear track stability. 

50 % less friction surface for ski/snowboard/tubing = faster gliding. 20 mm fast pins offer perfect grip and purchase.

Up to 5 years against faulty material + workmanship and against failure introduced by natural UV irradiation. Colored mats could fades naturally after a few years of use.


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