Tubing track

 Quick mats install & removal

 TUBTRAX Modul System

 Use without water or lubricant

 Low cost for operation

 Flexible use

 Different colours available

 40 years experience in sports


By mounting a summer tubing track ground with Skitrax, the well-known family fun during winter is now possible in cities and communities during summer. 

As a perfect “sport for the entire family”, tubing ensures a sporting activity with pleasure in the “snowfree” months. Environmentally friendly placing of mats and safety-oriented curve construction, whether fitted on or in the ground, guarantees fun for families throughout the year. With 3D animation, we create tubing tracks in existing landscapes. You can celect, if you want to have a tubing track straight down or with curves.

With the combination of Skitrax  mats and Skitrax Tubes EPIC 100 and EPIC 90 (hard body), we can create for you the fastest track ever. Manufactured for indoor operation - without water humidification. 

Our TUBTRAX System is worldwide unique. We are able to offer you 5 different tubing track adventures systems.

We developed a new lubricant "Slide Liquid". This is eco-friendly and will push your tubing track enormously: " silicone free - bio-degradiable - water repellent - eco-friendly

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Tubing track in the water pool
Speed watering

Tubes sliding in water
Special fun attraction

Speed tubing
Kids sliding down

Kids tubing track
Sliding in a row

All year toboggan slides
Easy and safe gliding

Winter tubing II.
Easy and safe gliding

Winter tubing III.
Easy and safe gliding

Summer tubing
Easy and safe gliding