TUBTRAX - Flexible Tubing Module System

With our new TUBTRAX - Tubing Module System, we are expanding tubing lines according to your wishes. You have the choice which kind of tubing track system you want to install.

You can choose from five different module systems whether you want a tubing track with only one or more straight lines or rather with one or more curves, depending on what is possible on your planned terrain. We offer a variety of environmentally friendly design options (metal or wood). In addition we offer flexible start gates and kicker for jumps into an air bag.

We offer specially tubing tires EPIC 100 and EPIC 90 (100 cm and 90cm) with hard-wearing HDPE bottom and a inflatable seat pillow for a comfortable sitting. 


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Tubing track in the water pool
Speed watering

Tubes sliding in water
Special fun attraction

Speed tubing
Kids sliding down

Kids tubing track
Sliding in a row

All year toboggan slides
Easy and safe gliding

Winter tubing II.
Easy and safe gliding

Winter tubing III.
Easy and safe gliding

Summer tubing
Easy and safe gliding